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Happiness – A Way of Life

A Complete Guide to Attend to your Own Happiness!

Happiness is neither an emotion nor a serving of dopamine; happiness is a state of being. All human beings

share the desire to be happy. The road to happiness lies in acting with awareness and caring. It is a book that, based on some deep research, talks about how happiness relates to almost every aspect of life – A book of profundity and scope that allows each of us to train our minds to cultivate happiness. Learnt in over twenty years of extensive study on the subject from the ultra-occidental to ultra-oriental and most scientific to most religious.

This book carries enough information for an individual to:

  • Fill his or her life with deep and enriching happiness
  • Engineer or control the experience of any situation in life with least impact on his/her happiness
  • Create a life in which happiness plays the central role, a life worth living
  • Enhance the quality of our attention, judgment, and creativity to infuse happiness in every dimension of our life

A wondrous amalgam of wisdom from the East and evidence from the West. There is no better book on happiness.



Face Time

Face Time: Event Planning for Business Success

Asif Zaidi uses his life’s experience to produce a must-have for entrepreneurs and executives who organize various types of events for their businesses and organizations. The book incorporates state-of-the-art thinking in events management and highlights key theories, concepts, and models. It covers practical considerations in every area of organizing an event; including conception, marketing, strategy, designing, logistics, choosing a venue, managing people, project management, operations, and production.

Face Time provides a comprehensive account of the choices, principles, and practices involved in planning, handling, and producing all types of events for businesses, governments, and non- profit organizations alike.





The Stuff of Life

In The Stuff of Life, he offers an anthology of thoughts on diverse subjects, attempting to see the problems of life in the light of human reasoning. While turning his gaze from one intellectual pursuit to the next, in this collection of essays he addresses nature, evolution, religion, literature, psychology, and scientists, sages, prophets, philosophers, thinkers, and poets who have, down the ages, contributed to human development, making life meaningful. From the personal to the societal to the universal, he turns his spirit of inquiry to a wide swathe of topics:

  • the love of learning
  • man’s search for meaning
  • faith, tradition, and rationality; and
  • the moral dimension of existence

Simple and direct, The Stuff of Life articulates a viewpoint grounded in a rational approach to life and this world.