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Asif Zaidi is an acclaimed thought leader, a teacher, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, and a corporate leader with vast global experience in business and leadership.  He has authored several high-selling books including; The Stuff of Life and Face Time. Asif Zaidi has a strong and unwavering intention to be of service to others by sharing the wisdom he has learnt in a well-read, richly-experienced, and widely-travelled life. As his books and speeches manifest, he is a man of varied academic interests and broad intellectual pursuits.

Asif Zaidi specializes in business development and offers state-of-the-art Sales Training for all levels. He is an accomplished business leadership mentor. His sales training program has been able to produce significant sales increase in a number of businesses. He is also a proficient strategy advisor, and an executive coach. He works with top executives, teams, and organizations as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking in organizations. He has also led and served on various boards and business, community, and educational forums.

Previously, as a Managing Director with Citibank, Asif fulfilled leadership assignments across several world regions. Asif Zaidi applies an open and direct style of communication and negotiation to foster and nurture long-term business relationships.  Adept at intercultural dialogue, he has cultivated productive business partnerships with a variety of governments, central bankers, public sector agencies, and private sector entities.  He is well versed in all aspects of capital creation, securities issuance, debt market products, broker-dealer operations, advisory services, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions.  He has managed companies using his proven ability to quickly develop and implement innovative and practical business solutions.

Asif Zaidi is a powerful communicator, a key-note speaker, has taught at an elite Business School, and lives in Toronto, Canada

Asif is the author of the widely selling books “The Stuff of Life” and “Face Time.“ His third book, Happiness, is currently under publication and shall be released in New York in November 2018.


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