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Your Coach, Asif Zaidi

Asif Zaidi, is a dynamic and result- oriented Business and Executive Coach. He brings a far more effective, rewarding, and economical approach for you -a business owner or an executive- to get the support and mentoring to optimize your business growth in consonance with your life’s goals.

Your Coach Has Accomplished:

  • Country/Cluster CEO assignments in Citibank, a Fortune 50 organization, in constantly changing new environments
  • Leadership roles in 4 Continents
  • Built solid brands
  • Made highly successful Marketing campaigns
  • Effective Team building
  • Strong strategies that fit the client and owners needs
  • Senior Corporate, Medium and Small business experience
  • A successful entrepreneur in his own right
  • Has written three widely acclaimed and high-selling books

Has written three widely selling and highly acclaimed books

Get World Class Experience on your side!


Three Reasons to choose Asif Zaidi as your Coach?  


A Coach with Extra Ordinary Skills

Asif is a consummate professional with an amazing blend of skills, knowledge, and experience. He brings to Business Coaching a proven record of accomplishment on several continents. He has worked with top executives, teams, and organizations as a mentor and as a strategy leader. Asif has, over the years, demonstrated Coaching’s powerful effect in businesses of many different shapes and sizes and will help you deliver the results you desire.

Coaching with A Sense of Mission

Asif shows you how to increase your business revenues and profits, and also how to develop the business so that you as the owner work less and relax more. He has a passion for helping businesses like yours grow and become profitable so that you, the business owner, can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Asif Zaidi finds deep joy in seeing Entrepreneurs have the courage of their convictions stretched by his Coaching and thereby become able to fulfil their business and individual potential. He sees himself as an enabler and is convinced that enabling someone to integrate their financial, physical, intellectual, and emotional wellbeing is noble.

Coaching, You, and The Results

What does Business Coaching have to do with you?

Here’s the answer. Efficiency, profits, and honest feedback so that you can live the life you earned. Asif will enable you to achieve the results you’re capable of and more.

He uses world-class techniques, systems, and methods that have been designed with you in mind.

It’s time to:

    • Increase your business revenues and profits.
    • Develop your business so that you work less and relax more.
    • Gain a strong sense of focus
    • Get the deserved encouragement to cross the finish line.
    • Receive honest and truthful advice to get you where you want to be.
    • Have the peace of mind to tell your coach, your general concerns.