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Management Solutions

Asif Zaidi takes pride in his zeal for excellence, his ability to help clients to achieve positive and tangible results and his willingness to go the extra mile on each and every assignment that he works on.

His key areas of expertise are the following:

Strategy planning and development

He has a very realistic method to business planning that mainly includes:

  • A careful appraisal of the business in its current situation, looking to clearly identify both the strengths of the business that can be further developed and the weaknesses that represent limitations to growth.
  • An in-depth analysis of the market forces affecting the business and the probable changes in them that may bode an opportunity or a threat for the business.
  • Helping the business found a clear vision for itself backed by explicit and measurable objectives for the next few years.
  • Assisting the business in defining strategies aimed at realizing its optimal potential and growth. He aims at developing a strategy that charts an unmistakable direction for the business and enables the team at the helm to harness and focus resources on the desired results.


Export development

At some stage most companies need to identify and exploit the opportunities in overseas markets in order to ensure sales growth. With its team’s global trade and investment experience, Asif Zaidi has real expertise to offer practical assistance to clients in areas such as:

  • Getting them prepared to export.
  • Identifying the most suitable export market[s].
  • Studying the market to develop the most effective approach to the market being considered.
  • Facilitating interaction with the relevant parties in the overseas market.
  • Developing strategy to sustain export impetus.


Sales and marketing support

Asif Zaidi can help you drive results along the full continuum from strategy to marketing and selling excellence. He can help you build and communicate your value proposition by assisting you in capability building in areas such as finding and keeping new customers, customer relationship management, telemarketing, and promotion. His solutions are aimed at driving profitable revenue growth, positive transformation of the sales and marketing organization, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.