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Face Time: Event Planning for Business Success

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Asif Zaidi uses his life’s experience to produce a must-have for entrepreneurs and executives who organize various types of events for their businesses and organizations. The book incorporates state-of-the-art thinking in events management and highlights key theories, concepts, and models. It covers practical considerations in every area of organizing an event; including conception, marketing, strategy, designing, logistics, choosing a venue, managing people, project management, operations, and production.

Face Time provides a comprehensive account of the choices, principles, and practices involved in planning, handling, and producing all types of events for businesses, governments, and non- profit organizations alike.


Book Overview

Whenever you are getting people together, that’s an event – your event. Face Time is all about organizing your event in a practical guide; a must-have for entrepreneurs, executives, and homemakers alike. Thorough enough to give real insight into event management, yet jargon-free and easy to understand; the book combines a rigorous theoretical grounding with practical insights into every aspect of the organizing and running of any event meeting, off-site, fair, contest, conference, festival, or congress. It represents the state-of-the-art thinking in event management to enable you to:

  • Choose the right type of event for your purpose
  • Develop a strategy for your event
  • Address the right audience
  • Understand the key dynamics in selecting a venue
  • Manage the financial aspects of the event
  • Plan the event to perfection
  • Control logistics and security
  • Mitigate risks
  • Market your event with success
  • Handle public relations and legalities
  • Put together and lead the team(s)
  • Organize food and drinks
  • Create an unforgettable guest experience
  • Evaluate the productivity of the investment in the event



Whenever you are getting people together, that’s an event – your event. Face Time is all about organizing your event in a practical guide;

ISBN 13 (Paperback): 978-1532047879

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Herry Becker

This is the best book I have read on event management. As a businessman, this helps me to organize my own events instead of depending on the event planners for every little thing. The book, which covers all the basics, is concise and yet comprehensive as it covers every aspect of organizing an event. It is very easy to understand and follow, with a well thought out format. This highly practical handbook brings easy to understand education and achievable plans to anyone who needs to organize events. It explains in a wonderful explanatory manner how every business event can move towards our common goal – sustainable business impact! Authoritative, meticulous, and informed; the book is possibly one of the most important ones written on event management of late and a must have for entrepreneurs, business executives, and professional event managers alike. Author’s vast experience in the field is evidenced on every page. I would regard this script as the best I have read on this topic to date and recommend it to organisers, entrepreneurs, academics, and homemakers alike.